Friday, 6 July 2012

Author Review of The Adventures of Bruno Penny: Norbert de Strangle and the Great Museum Robbery


I wanted Bruno Penny to be a completely normal boy in unusual circumstances. He does not have any special powers or abilities apart from being smart and being able to think things through. And he is not an orphan or in a care home and he hasn't lost his parents or travelled into a mysterious land.

Everytime he does something, he has to worry about his parents' reaction to it as well and what they will think of things when they find out. But as much as I kept Bruno Penny so normal, I really went to town on Norbert de Strangle.

Writing the villain was excellent. Norbert gets to say horrible things about fine art and is thoroughly nasty to the henchmen. So much so, that when it looks like the henchmen are going to be caught by the police, Norbert immediately starts the computer off searching for new henchmen.

Residents of Oxford might recognise some of the street names. Danbury Road, instead of Banbury and Geaumont instead of Beaumont. The Ashmolean Museum really is a walk along Banbury Road and turn right at Beaumont Street.
But it had to be an alternate reality because of the super gadgets like the Transpositional Transporter Curtain, which take you anywhere you want to go - as long as you know the postcode!
And the super computer which can supply a steaming plate of fish and chips and anything else you might need.

Milo was a little bit harder to write. He is Bruno Penny's friend and mostly wants to help him, but while I was writing Milo, I found out that he had other ideas about whether or not he wants to help Bruno ALL the time. It is his Summer Holiday too and he wants to go off and do his own thing. He wants to go fishing with his Dad and he really really wants to have a pet. So much so, that his Summer Holiday project is to...

Well, it's all there in the book.

Come along with Bruno and Milo, yes, and the dastardly Norbert to see what happens next.

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