Tuesday, 24 July 2012

New Review for Zodiac Shmodiac received today

Lovely new review for Zodiac Shmodiac went live online today:


Book Review
Reviewed by Author Anna del C. Dye for Readers Favorite

This coming of age story is a well-thought-out tale that many girls in that age group will identify with. I enjoyed the personalities of its four main characters. It is a magical astronomy adventure for all girls and their parents. "Zodiac Shmodiac" is nicely done and has become a great fantasy tale. It will be a good choice for any library, private or public. Karina, Carly, Libby, and Ally are friends who go to the same secondary school. One day their teachers tell them that the school has been chosen to receive a college newspaper. Nobody really cares until the four friends find the horoscope on the last page. After that their lives become uncertain. They take turns reading it everyday and, to their astonishment, everything it says comes to pass. At first they think it is a coincidence, pretty soon they figure it is not. Determined to find out who writes the horoscope, the friends go to the office of the newspaper to get Madam Monica’s address. They return home a bit confused, and decide not to read the horoscope again until Carly can’t resist and reads hers. The friends sit tight to see what will happen to her. When a day goes by and no mishap occurs they all relax and start to read the horoscope again. That same day, Carly has everything prognosticated to her happen all at once.

This is a fun and inventive tale. It is great for a rainy day or a vacation. It could use a light edit to make it shine through. The tale is clean, has no romance, and contains magical beings. This is a great mix to create a great tale.


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