Wednesday, 17 July 2013


Goodreads is an amazing place for authors to meet other authors and other readers.

Although at first, it can seem overwhelming - the jumble of information which hits you, even as a new member can appear intimidating - it is very easy to get used to the layout and soon your eye is drawn to the important stuff.

As a brand new member, click on the facebook and twitter links to find friends easily. Many people are members and everyone is incredibly friendly and helpful. In no time you can build up a friend list of hundreds of people.

Goodreads really is a wonderful mix of the hectic eclectic. Join a few groups to find some passionate, like-minded people.

If you are an author, join the author programme. After that, you are free to explore to your heart's content. There are literally hundreds of groups and probably thousands of discussions to take part in.

There are prize giveaways galore and really something for everyone. A real Aladdin's treasure trove of literary pursuits.

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