Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Where Do You Get Your Ideas?

Authors are quite often asked, 'Where do you get your ideas?'

The answer is, 'Where don't I get my ideas?' Once you start writing, a writing sense opens up somewhere in your body and everything, I mean everything leads to one thought:

'That would make a good story!'

Yesterday I saw a half-sized old yellow door in a wall and I started thinking that there could be a little land behind that door and what sort of people could live there.

Then my LO said something about a blue teapot and once again, off I go: that would be a good idea.


Out of all these hundreds of ideas, maybe one, or even half would be good enough to take through to a whole novel. It would be an exercise to sit and write about a blue teapot and see where it leads, but in no part of my wishful thinking would I ever dream that it would lead to a publishable story.


Where the ideas come from is a cinch: The answer is, 'Everywhere!'. But what to do with them is a problem. And sorting the wheat from the chaff really has to be learned.

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