There might be another baby panda in the world soon as Edinburgh Zoo goes on Panda watch!

A healthy baby panda was born on Friday at the Smithsonian National Zoo in Washington DC weighing 4.8oz.
Just happy to be here

He or she will not have a name yet as keepers will not know if it is a boy or a girl for at least three weeks, or when it chooses its first outfit, whichever is sooner.

But mother Mei Xiang, which means 'Beautiful Fragrance' is reportedly delighted.

Now, keepers at Edinburgh Zoo are on tenterhooks. They will not even know whether Tian Tian (Heavenly Sky or Cute Sweet), the UK's only female panda is expecting until she actually has a baby. Pandas are notoriously difficult to coax into revealing these kinds of secrets.

So, any day now, Britain may have its own little baby boy or girl panda! Watch this space!
Over here! Give me a high ten!

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