Friday, 25 July 2014

Robot Dragons Crowdfunding Dream: Meet the Illustrator

I thought of the idea of the Robot Dragons, but it was the wonderful illustrations created by Shiela Alejandro that really brought them to life. She added their cheeky smiles and just the right amount of 'robot' and 'dragon'.

Because I had started writing them already as scary flying monsters before they took over and corrected me, I wasn't completely sure who they were, but the moment I saw these three characters, I was certain they had arrived from Mars and were ready to play!

Earlier this month I got the chance to ask Shiela some questions about how she works and she was kind enough to give me some insight into her working day.

Here is the result of that interview:

How did you get into illustration / art?

- I started drawing since kindergarten, I use to draw fields, stick drawings and cartoons. As I grow up, I decided I want to draw for the rest of my life.
What do you want people to feel or think when they view your art?
- I want them to feel happy, and be a kid again. Life is great.

What is your  working environment like?
- I took Fine arts in college, so from there I got surrounded with fellow artists and it was fun because I get do what I love with people with the same passion.

What was the best advice given to you as an illustrator?
- The best advice I got was "Don't ever think that you know everything, there are so much things to learn."

What made you smile today?
-  I get to spend my Sunday with my family, it was a nice feeling after 6 days of work.

Catch some more of Shiela's work here.

The crowdfunding campaign will run for 8 weeks from the end of July. Look out for some special prizes and perks!

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