Thursday, 28 August 2014

Crowdfunding Day 10: Say Hi to the neighbours

The best thing about crowdfunding is visiting the website and seeing all the other projects which are being advertised.

It is a little bit like doing a car boot sale and going off to browse the other stalls - but only a little!

I'm already going to be sent a sample of luxury tea because the lovely posttea-goes-global campaign was funded.

I've bought another children's book and I'm in at the start of an amazing new website for children where established artists give help and advice to new young creative talent (OK, that one was not purchased just for me) - and I mean really established!

I thought I'd write today to promote a young scientist who needs funds to attend a scientific conference in the States. As I've been in this position myself, of looking for funds to attend conferences etc., I know how difficult the whole process can be - and also how important it is to attend the conference to get your research talked about.

This is the link:

There's only 5 days left to her campaign, so it would be good to see it succeed.

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