Saturday, 23 August 2014

Crowdfunding: Day 5 A Journey of a thousand miles...

...starts with a single step.

I started crowdfunding so that I could raise awareness for my book: Robot Dragons Come From Mars.

It is a funny book which has potential to make a lot of children happy in my opinion. So, I thought a good way to 'get it out there' would be to include it into a crowdfunding campaign.

Also, the illustrations are so good and cute that I thought that they deserved to get a wider audience.

It wasn't for the money: £1,000 will just about cover the printing and posting costs, especially to some of the overseas supporters. And the costs of T-shirts, badges and toys will take up the rest.

I haven't even factored in some of the advertising which I've been doing online. If I was on Dragon's Den, I'm afraid they'd have turned me down by now.

I suppose there are different reasons that people go in for crowdfunding.

But the thing which has been causing a warm glow - even through this raging cold which I have, is the way that my friends and family have suddenly rallied round to support this latest madcap scheme of mine!

Friends sharing my posts and facebook updates and retweeting links and content have been amazing. And friends offering to pledge have been wonderful!

Today I received an email from someone I had never heard of, asking how they could help because a friend of a friend had passed on a link to her.

It is silly to say that I've been surprised by it, because that is what friends and family are for isn't it? But I have been not only surprised but humbled by the support.

Thank you friends and family!

One thing that this crowdfunding campaign has taught me, even if it is only Day 5 is that people are generous and loyal and kind.

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