Sunday, 24 August 2014

Crowdfunding Day 6: How many backers, how many pledges?

Someone asked me today how I could have only 4 backers but have so much more pledged.

Did 4 backers pledge nearly £100 each?

Well, the answer is that there are off-line backers. There are a few people who don't want to use internet banking, for whatever reason but who still want to support me in my hare-brained endeavours.

They tell me how much they would like to pledge and I add it onto the campaign with my own account.

Then there are people who are outside the UK and who are not able to use the GoCardless feature.

Once again, they tell me if they want to pledge and I add it.

It's an international operation now, you know.

Oh yes,

500 points if you can name the cartoon.

My crowdfunding campaign can be found here:

If you are from international climes or from non-internet banking roots, then let me know if you are still interested in backing me. Anything's possible these days.

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