Sunday, 31 August 2014

Crowdfunding: Half Way: Rewards

I was having a very interesting chat with Bob Whitely - who was part of a very successful Kickstarter campaign based around an RPG called Cosmothea.

He pointed out that my very first reward is a signed copy of the picture book : Robot Dragons Come From Mars (as if you didn't know!). I was very keen to listen to his advice because he has been through it himself.

As he said, most people who run these types of campaign have a lower reward which is quite important. So, say someone did not actually want to buy the book, but they really want to show their support for me. They need a reward which allows for this.

If you click on the link now, (here it is again, you will see a first reward of £3 which offers a very sincere and heart-felt thanks!

Bob also pointed out that the cost of publication and shipping will be high, especially for those people who have bid from overseas. It is going to be far higher than the £5 I have set for some of the pledges.

Even though my payment gateway is UK only, I do have pledges from overseas - these are people who have given me their support verbally and I have entered the amount myself.

Well, I was hoping that it would average out. As a great man once wrote: All's Well That Even's Out In The End!

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