Sunday, 31 August 2014

Crowdfunding: Half way through - Friends in High Places, Or, What I've learned about women.

I've been looking at other campaigns over the weekend and finding out how other crowdfunders manage their projects. It has been very interesting! Not only how others go about it, but how they are perceived by their target audience and beyond.

It turns out that women who are crowdfunding are seen in a negative light compared to men. Why does that not surprise me at all?

This post is a little late because I've been contemplating whether to blog about a wonderful TED talk that I came across by Amanda Palmer - The Art of Asking.

Amanda had to go through a lot of negative press by the media about how she is a money grubbing individual. Compare this to Neil Gaiman's public perception where he is a good old thing, offering his services for free. Amanda is very honest about this.

In her talk, she mentions why she opts for crowdfunding and how she does it. She makes it sound like exactly what it is. A thrill. A headache. A great leap into the unknown. (cue singing nuns).

It doesn't quite fit my children's picture book publishing credentials because I am a meek (emphasise that word) author and she is a giant icon of the stage.

But then,

But then!

Because I had not written about her when I intended to, I tweeted her to tell her how inspiring she was - and she wished me well :)

So, with its almost 6 million views, here is her TED talk, there is a slight NSFW bit towards the middle.

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