Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Crowdfunding: Number TWO in Google's Search Rankings?

The Robot Dragons Come From Mars crowdfunding campaign is now in it's third day.
I feel exhausted. I've been telling as many people as I can about it with enthusiasm and energy, but at the same time, I've been nursing the worst cold ever for the past month.

So, I'm sure that my 'enthusasiatic' ravings are probably coming across more like the out-of-breath last gasps of a wild-eyed lunatic, wheezing and gurning my way through my spiel.

It is difficult to get people to understand my urgency. Maybe because it is because I have access to the little dashboard icon of the campaign which shows me that since the first day, only half the number of people visited my page today. And since the incredibly promising start of Day 1, the third day has been a flop.

So, when they nod and smile and wait for the conversation to move on to something else, I just want to talk about nothing else!

Crowdfunding campaign

But one amazing thing which has buoyed me up today is that when I looked up 'crowdfunding' on Google, my G+ page is the second link! How does that work?

Someone said it was because I was logged in and they show your links first, but I'm not convinced about that. I tried it after logging out and it was still second.

Yay! Very chuffed, so I took a little picture of it. It's probably not going to happen again.

So, I'm actually feeling quietly optimistic. 21% funded on day 3 can't be so bad.

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