Monday, 1 September 2014

Crowdfunding Half Way:Mid-campaign Lull

Well, I've told everyone I know at least twice. (They'd probably say 'ad nauseam').
I've told people I've just met and also had at least one conversation about it with a total stranger.

And today I was reading about this: The mid-campaign lull.

Apparently all of these types of campaign have a big bang at the start, then it tapers off in the middle, and, if you're lucky, it picks up in the final few days. (Let's hope!)

So, I've been trying to keep the energy going, but frankly, it leaves you feeling like this:


Also, it is very tempting to move on. Apart from anything, thinking about your crowdfunding campaign takes up so much of your brain space!

Almost every question I am asked is answered with feverish mumblings along the lines of : "42% funded, not bad, what next?"

So it is incredibly tempting to start working on my next book, which is going to be called 'Hijab', or lock myself in a dark room, or anything but this!

And slowly, ever so creepingly, other thoughts start to wander over, along the lines of:
"Well, that wasn't too bad for a first attempt, now for the next one..."

So, to end the day off today, I have tried to keep my spirits up by trawling through closed campaigns.

Now, if I put the words, 'endangered gorillas', 'rainforest' and 'Sir David Attenborough' together, what immediately springs to mind?

Is it this?


So, not this then?
David Attenborough's Crowdfunding Campaign

Oh well.

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