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Norbert de Strangle and the Great Museum Robbery is the first adventure of Bruno Penny.

Bruno yearns to be a great detective like his hero, Sherlock Homes, and wouldn't you know it, he might just get the chance.

With his trusty pet rabbit, Dr. Watson and faithful friend Milo Shot, Bruno uncovers a dastardly plot and an even more dastardly gang of baddies who are in it for everything they can get. Even if that mean destroying the world's rarest and most valuable artefacts.

How on earth will Bruno save the day and help the police to catch the gang after Milo disappears?

Catch up with his first, greatest adventure here if you are in the UK
Norbert de Strangle and the Great Museum Robbery - UK

                                                     Or here for everywhere else:
                                                     Norbert de Strangle and the Great Museum Robbery

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